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Long Large Necklace Display Stand Jewelry Holder, Laura


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Jewelry Holder Organizer Stand

  • Laura Jewelry Display Stand Measures: 16 1/4 inches tall x 8 1/4 inches wide x 4 1/4 inches deep.  It is a very sturdy, substantially taller, wider and heavier (2.7 lbs) than other displays and it will not easily tip over!
  • You can set it on a table, on a shelf, vanity, dresser, nightstand or for retail at point of sale (POS), inside a jewelry display case, checkout, register or cashwrap.
  • Storage Capacity: 11 placements for women's or men's necklaces and will hold 1 to 11 necklaces depending upon their overall length and width. There are 9 heavy duty backside adjustment hooks to get and keep the necklaces in place. There is a 5-7 mm wide space between each petals, however, it can hold thicker chains if there are smaller links, less than 5 mm between the larger links.  The round decorative holes can be used to display certain types and sizes of pierced earrings.  
  • Commercial grade jewelry display store fixtures for home or retail business use, they will last a lifetime with proper use. Durable, sturdy and made with high quality recycled Eco-friendly US Carbon Steel metal with the very best powder-coat finishes.
  • 100% Made in the USA, handmade by fair waged skilled American Tradesmen.
  • Many find it best to create a plan, take inventory of what they actually have, and then purchase what they need.

Our Laura Steel Metal Necklace Display Board is available in a Warm Satin Nickel Silver, Rubbed Bronze, Ultra White and Black.

Angelynn's trademarked and copyrighted designs are created to help you organize your earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories up and out of harm's way, seen at a glance and tangle free. Used in bedrooms, closets, luxury dressing rooms, dorm rooms and salons, craft shows, trade shows, high end women's and men's boutiques, jewelry making events, display cases and retail jewelry stores worldwide. If you a looking for a jewelry storage solution that is not hidden in a drawer, tray, jewelry box, armoire or chest this may be what you have been looking for.