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Eco-Friendly Products Made in the USA.

We use durable impact resistant polycarbonate for our Original Earring Angels, so they will last.  The polycarbonate is 99% to 100% reclaimed sterilized polycarbonate acrylic. The 1% accounts for added colorant if one is used. 

We only use 100% US Grade Recycled Carbon Steel and high quality baked on powder coat finishes for all our metal earring holders, necklace racks and other jewelry organizers. We chose to use baked on powder coat finishes because of the durability and superior quality. 

My only manufacturing partners are Sharn Enterprises in Frankfort, Illinios and Sunbelt Plastics right here in Frisco, Texas.  I see them as family.

We provide either high quality Wall Dog Anchors or Stainless Steel Screws for all our wall mounted products.  We believe in quality ... even down to the screws and wall anchors.

We purposely list the capacities of our products in detail so you can make an honest decision on what you may need, based upon what your personal jewelry collection contains. Some find it best to take inventory of what they have in their jewelry collections and then purchase what they need.

Angelynn's Jewelry Organizers can help you get and keep your jewelry up and out of harm's way seen at a glance and tangle free, plus it solves the common problem of tangled, damaged and missing pieces; and they are a great space saver. Now you can de-clutter your jewelry boxes and drawers and replace the tackle boxes and other non-user friendly jewelry organizers that you may have been using. They make a great memorable gift idea for women, teens and girls ages 4 and up.

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