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  • Hourglass Jewelry Cleaning Kit


Hourglass Jewelry Cleaning Kit

$ 38.00



Ultraonics ® Hourglass does the work as the cleaning solution feeds into bottom it creates bubbles and circulation to remove dirt and add sparkle. It only takes a few minutes to clean your jewelry. Just add cleaning solution, drop jewelry into top of hourglass tighten lid until snug, do not over tighten. Invert turn upside down, do not shake container. You can turn over several times depending upon how dirty your jewelry may be. After you remove jewelry just rinse with clean warm water and pat dry the pieces with a soft untreated cotton cloth.  Recommended for all types of jewelry except pearls or porous stones.

Kit includes:
1 Widemouth Hourglass
2 oz Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate
Plastic Jewelry Tweezers for easy removal of jewelry.

Solution may be used several times until it is cloudy or dirty, and then you can re-cycle it and use it again by filtering the solution through a paper coffee filter to remove the dirt.

  1. Put a coffee filter in a funnel and place the funnel over a large glass.
  2. Pour the solution from the hourglass through the filter.
  3. When the hourglass is empty, clean it out with warm water. After you clean it out with warm water you can use a little distilled white vinegar to wash out the hourglass, but be sure to rinse the hourglass thoroughly with clear water again before refilling with the filtered solution.
  4. When you place the solution back in the hourglass, you will need to add some refill solution to bring the level of the solution back up to the appropriate level.
  5. If the solution is unusually dirty, then you may prefer to pour it out, clean the hourglass, and refill with new solution.

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